Detailed District Profile of Goalpara.

Introduction of District:

Goalpara, with its district headquarters located in Goalpara Town, has a rich history and a diverse cultural landscape. Established in 1983, the district has seen continuous development since then, particularly through initiatives like the District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) Goalpara.

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Geographical Location and Boundaries:

Situated between Latitude 25053' - 26030' North and Longitudes 9007' - 9105' East, Goalpara is bordered by the mighty Brahmaputra to the north, the Garo Hill District of Meghalaya to the southeast, Kamrup District to the east, and Dhubri District to the west. The district covers an expansive area of 1824 square kilometres, with 36,915.27 hectares designated as forest area and 10,200 hectares as cultivable land.

Population and Languages:

As of the 2011 census, Goalpara district is home to a vibrant population of 10,08,959, with a linguistic diversity that includes Assamese, Bodo, Garo, Rabha, Bengali, and Nepali speakers.

Administrative Divisions:

Goalpara is subdivided into five revenue circles, including Lakhipur, Baliana, Matia Dudhnoi, and Rangjuli. The district further comprises eight development blocks and a total of 837 revenue villages.

Local Governance:

The grassroots governance structure in Goalpara includes 81 Gaon Panchayats, each with its elected representatives, totaling 996 elected members in Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRI). Additionally, there is one Zila Parishad with 16 members.

Law and Order:

Ensuring the safety of residents, Goalpara has 10 police stations, a river police station, and three police outposts strategically located across the district.

Healthcare Facilities:

The district boasts a 200-bed hospital in Goalpara, along with primary health centers, state dispensaries, sub-dispensaries, and veterinary state dispensaries spread across various regions, ensuring accessible healthcare for the residents.

Educational Landscape:

Education is a priority in Goalpara, evident in the extensive network of educational institutions. The district has a total of 1,298 Lower Primary Schools, 171 Middle English Schools, 42 Middle Vernacular Schools, 57 Venture Schools, 112 High Schools, 23 Higher Secondary Schools, and 6 Degree Colleges, reflecting a commitment to providing quality education.

Literacy and Educational Statistics:

The literacy rate in Goalpara, as per the 2011 census, stands at an overall 68.27%, with 72.00% for males and 64.53% for females. Efforts are ongoing to bridge educational gaps and empower the population through various educational institutions.

Category Information
District Headquarter Goalpara Town
Sub-Division 1 no Goalpara
Year of Establishment of District 1983 and DRDA Goalpara since October 1983
Situation The Geographical location is between Latitude 25053' - 26030' North and Longitudes 9007' - 9105' East.
Boundary North the Brahmaputra, South East Garo Hill District of Meghalaya, East Kamrup District & West Dhubri District.
Area 1824 square kilometres.
Forest area 36,91527 Hec.
Cultivate area 10,200 Hec.
Languages used Assamese, Bodo, Garo, Rabha, Bengali and Nepali.
Population As per 2011 census.
Male: 5,14,162
Female: 4,94,797
Total: 10,08,959
SC Male: 15,192
Female: 14,346
Total: 29,538
ST Male: 57,300
Female: 56,101
Total: 1,13,401
Revenue Circle (5 Nos.) Lakhipur, Baliana, Matia Dudhnoi and Rangjuli.
Development Block (8 Nos.) Rangjuli, Kusdhowa, Matia, Krisnai, Balijana, Kharmuja, Lakhipur and Jaleswar.
Revenue Village Total 837 Nos.
Lakhipur: 268 Nos.
Balijana: 222 Nos.
Matia: 115 Nos.
Dudhnoi: 67 Nos.
Rangjuli: 125 Nos.
Gaon Panchayat 81 Nos.
G.P. Members 810 Nos.
Councillor 81 Nos.
G.P. President 81 Nos.
Anchalik Panchayat 8 Nos.
A.P. Members 8 Nos.
Zila Parishad 1 Nos.
Z.P. Members 16 Nos.
Total Elected PRI Members 996 Nos.
Police Station (10 Nos.) Goalpara, Matia, Lakhipur, Dudhnoi, Dhupdhora, Rangjuli, Marnoi, Krishnai, Agia and Boguwan.
River Police Station (1 Nos.) Pancharatna.
Police Out Post (3 Nos.) Darangiri, Simlitola Jaleswar and Rongsai.
Tea Garden (2 Nos.) Moionga and Simlitola.
Legislative Assembly Constituency (4 Nos.) Jaleswar, Goalpara West, Goalpara East and Dudhnoi.
Hospitals 200 Beded Hospital: (1 No.) Goalpara
Primary Health Center: (5 Nos.) Ranguli, Matia, Mornoi, Agia, Lakhipur and Krishnai
State Dispensary: (6 Nos.) Bahati, Chaibari, Kharmuza, Dolgoma, Khutabari and Tiplai.
Sub-Dispensary (6 Nos.) Dhumarghat, Chunari Ambary Bazaar, Baguan and Harimura.
Veterinary State Dispensary (15 Nos.) Goalpara, Matia, Kothakothi, Kahibari, Rangjuli, Krishnai, Sesapani , Dhudnoi, Maida, Badahapur, Balijana, Joyram
Agriculture Sub-Division (2 Nos.) Goalpara, and Dudhnoi.
Agriculture Development Circle (12 Nos.)
Municipal Board (1 No.) Goalpara Municipal Board.
Town Committee (1 No.) Lakhipur Town Committee.
Total Wards 23 Nos
Ward No 1 to Ward no: 19 under Goalpara Municipal Board.
Ward No 1 to Ward no: 4 under Lakhipur Town Committee
Education Educational Institutions
L.P. School 1298 Nos
203 Nos. (Venture)
U.P. School ME: 171 Nos.
MV: 42 Nos.
Venture: 57 Nos.
High School 112 Nos.
Higher Secondary School 23 Nos.
Degree College 06 Nos.
Venture Degree College 06 Nos.
Junior College 06 Nos.
B. Ed College 01 No.
Law College 01 No.
DIET 01 No.
BTC 01 No.
Teachers (U.P & L.P) Total U.P. Teachers: 1604
Untrained U.P. Teachers: 297
Total L.P. Teachers: 3239
Untrained L.P. Teachers: 1250
Literate Person (2011) Male: 3,11,986
Female: 2,67,052
Total: 5,79,038
Literacy Rate (2011) Male: 72.00%
Female: 64.53%
District Literacy Rate: 68.27%

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